July 15th, 2019

Painting for sale


I finished a watercolour & pencil painting of Butterfree if anyone would like to buy it.

It has gold coloured foil which shines in the light. (Maybe he is using sleep powder...)

The painting measures 30 x 21cm.

Im asking $60 or best offer, + postage.

I live in the United Kingdom.

Sales permission granted by areica96 on 07-11-2015

Here is my feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/catheriner998/

Oh and I'm sorry but I am too busy to take commisions!

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Giant Sales Post Part 1 D: I accept haggling!

I'LL BE BACK TO PRICE EVERYTHING ELSE! stressed out/busy with shipments >__<

banner part 3
banner part 4
sales banner part 1
sales banner part 2

So many things accumulated throughout the years + a lot of collection weeding + messing up claim counts/forgetting to cancel orders >__>... has produced this monstrosity DX
Sales Permission granted by entirelycliched july 23, 2013
I ship from US, item prices do not include shipping/fees


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PS. Pokemon Fit + its demo plush have arrived, I will try to post totals this week x__x "try...."

Female Eevee Plush? + Sales Plug

Hi everyone, this is sort of an odd question but are there any official -female- Eevee plush? I think the heart shape on the side of female Eevee's tail in the Let's Go game is really cute. I would consider collecting her if female Eevee merch exists xD

Also, updated both my Pokemon sales and Non-Pokemon sales (link in the former sales post) with a couple of new items. Small reminder that shipping costs for any Fennekin or Alolan Vulpix items will not be added toward order totals!

WTB : some dedenne related stuff

Hey folks !

I'm still trying to complete my dedenne collection .
I've ordered the newest monpoke and cutting series but still , I need to find these stuff under the cut.

These might be the last few dedenne merch I know of that I haven't got . Please let me know if you have them for sale .

I live in China .So shipping would be really expensive .

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Thanks for reading ! 

A few Bell Plush up for sale and my Etsy shop!

Hi all! I'm finally getting the chance to go to Japan soon!! I'm very excited about it since I've always wanted to go. I'm trying to save up some funds in case I find some things I've been wanting there so I'm going to be making a few sales posts before then. I will have a big sales post up soon but first I wanted to offer these Bell plush to you guys before I try and sell them on ebay.

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First up is Vaporeon!
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Next up is Ivysaur
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Last but certainly not least is Pikachu!
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I also made an etsy shop to sell my customs in!
I only have a few Pokemon items in it so far but I'll be adding more later! One I cannot share here since it is a Sword and Shield Spoiler but the other Pokemon item in my shop is these little 3D printed Party Hat Wurmple Figurines from Pokemon GO.

I really love making these little guys so if you'd like to order one or check out my store here is the link:https://www.etsy.com/shop/FriskWolfieCustoms

Thanks for looking at my post!

Annual collection update!

Hello, community ^^

I was thinking it's about time for my annual collection update. My original plan was to do this once my new attic room is ready. The thing is, the renovation project got super delayed because of burocratic reasons... My plan is to transform my attic into a collection and game room.

So far, 2019 has been a good collecting year for me! I didn't take everything out because putting them back would be too much of a work :D Also, this is not completely everything I have. Careful, this is image-heavy!

[Green dudes]

Sceptile couples! I you watch closely, you can see two Sceptile each carrying a Treecko on their backs.

Treecko! And a Grovyle :D As you can see, my shelf is pretty crowded ... AGAIN! Secret base Treecko plush is my favorite.

A trio which earned a place inside my vitrine. There is a reason why: those plushies are on display at the Pokémon Café in Japan.

A few more plushies. That Substitute is so cute!

A small Croagunk family.

Figures, flats etc.

Other random things.

A complete set of Bandai Pokéballs if found for a good price is Japan.

Perler sprites hanging on my wall! And a mega Sceptile towel below them.

A couple of Hawlucha drawings my friend made for me. They are really good, I like them so much!

A few more beautiful works of art!

A memory from Japan Championships I participated in last year.

A friend was doing a little cleaning and accidentally found this. They asked me "do you want this" and of course I did!

Every single Sceptile card there is (excluding in different languages)!

Perfect equipment for TCG. A playmat, a deckbox, sleeves, Pokémon and even a coin!

A random poster.

Last but not least, my "little" babies <3 I love them so much! You know what? I have a feeling that little guy sitting on Saturn's knee may be close to evolving, if you know what I mean, hehehe :D

My Treecko beanie has found a good place to rest :D

Hold on! What Pokémon are those? Oh, they're not... I have a small side collection featuring enemies of Mario. That Chain Chomp is actually a bright lamp and it's super cool (and cute)!

Here is a flower who does not need to be taken care of. He is looking out of the window and greeting all passers-by. I have a much bigger Piranha Plant plush in my bedroom, also looking out of the window.

This is one of my favorite items in my collection. Now I can throw a Blue Shell at someone!

Aaaand that's that, I hope I remembered everything :D As always, if you have something (something I may be interested in) you didn't see here, don't hesitate to tell me!

Finally, two more little things:
1) If you want, Feel free to add me on Discord: Reslandero#0228
2) This Wednesday, starting from 6 pm (GMT+2), I'll be streaming Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door which is my all time favorite video game. Check it out if you want to see me (it's in Finnish, though). Here is the link: https://www.twitch.tv/academicnintendoclub

Thanks a lot for reading, see you next time ^_^

Some new gets + Shiny Entei Moncolle Plus and a Charmeleon mini grail

Today I received another package filled with goodies and i wanted to once again share them with you.

Today i completed my Shiny Moncolle plus set! I am so excited and thankful!
I also received a Charmeleon mini grail I didn’t even know for sure if it existed.
A Pepsi Bottle cap all the way from Spain!

Under the cut are more pics and i will go a little more in depth about the items. I will not be doing that with the other items since they are not Pokemon related. Although Feel free to ask about them if you are interested to know more.
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a sale of EPIC (big) proportions!!!

hi, all!! long time no see. I'm still a hardcore fire pup collector, but it is time to let go of a good chunk of my fire pokemon collection. i have a lot less space nowadays and i believe it'll be that way for years to come, so most of my fire friends have been and will be stuck in storage ;; time to let them out and pass them onto other fire collectors!


Sales permission given in 2010 through denkimouse
Seller feedback can be found >>> HERE <<<
★ Items will be shipped with bubble wrap and in manilla envelopes.
★ I am a fast shipper in the United States and I will ship international!
★ Please do not back out of sales. You will then be banned from future sales and claims.

i'm starting with the GIANT fire friends i own, featuring a MWT lifesize Flareon and a huge play by play charizard! these two are being sold together–the charizard is just a bonus for that big fire Pokemon plush lifestyle : )

Both have been sold!

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size for flareon is 90 × 34 × 50: cm (charizard is similar is height, as you can see!)

these two will be sold for $425 + shipping
shipping will cost around $100 if shipped in the U.S.!

i will also be selling these lifesize plush soon (VERY soon)

i can get pictures if people express interest! all have hang tags minus sleeping tepig (which didn't have one to begin with)
Litten $40,
Fennekin (JP) $50,
sleeping Tepig (JP) $60,
Chimchar (JP) $70,
and Torchic $35!
(Flareon has been SOLD)

i am willing to take offers as well, my apartment hardly has the space to get these guys out of storage to sell haha.
feel free to contact me with questions! i'll be posting a bunch of other sales (including some rare items) soon, so keep a look out for them ^^