July 20th, 2019

Beta, Ray, Bill

TFG Collection growing, Mewtwo get!

Hello everyone.
I’ve been having an absolutely unbelievable run of luck with these!
First I found a bunch of loose bases,
then three matching figures for sale all in the last few months, Mewtwo, Armaldo and Metagross!
Mewtwo arrived a few days ago and it’s cool as hell:
I traded my last one away,
it was broken so I was never going to be content with it.
What with all the fakes a few years back,
I didn’t think I’d ever find another authentic one!
If anyone gets any Groundbreakers TFG bases for sale/trade,
let me know!
I don’t need a full set or anything, but I’m grateful for any I can find.

New get! Rare Japanese Pokemon Seiko pendulum (cuckoo) Clock!

A few months ago i bought this beautiful Pokemon pendulum clock and it finally arrived yesterday!
After waiting for at least 2 months because of Surface mail. (Takes 2-3 months)

I am really drawn to the older merch and I just fell in love with this beauty!

It’s pretty neat! I came with it’s original box, instructions and sales guarantee.
It also still has it’s original stickers with (i think) the original sale price and the name of the songs that it plays.
The seller told me that it had never been used. They only took it out to see if it was working.
The songs it plays are really cool. It plays 4 songs. 1 of them is the Japanese Anime intro.

I also shared these pictures on myfigurecollection. Just so you know. ;)

More pics under the cut.
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Pokedolls/ Plush for sale

Granted sales permission by denkimouse 6/7/2011

All plushes are $35 each except for the ones listed below. Also open to reasonable offers. Prices don't include shipping/fees

Raincoat Pika: $50
Lying down Pika $10
Reshiram $40
Halloween: $20
Dragonite: $50
Raichu: $50
Mawile: $85
Xatu: $85
Slowbro Pika: $55
Shiny Mimikyu $50
Christmas Pika: $40
Chef Pika $45