July 23rd, 2019

eeveelution pixel collection comes to the u.s!


the us pokecen just updated with a collection based around the eeveelution’s pixel sprites-there’s the cushions that japan got, but there are also some brand new ya exclusives!

the collection includes a tee, long sleeve, pins and lanyard set, stickers, patches, and a backpack as well as the cushions.

thanks for reading!

buying/possibly splitting Rowlet's Garden merch

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I want to buy the charms, metal bottle, and bedding from the Rowlet's Garden Pokemon Center promo. I already have the Taillow, Starly, and Pikipek charms, so I'd prefer to buy the rest. It looks like the charm sets are going for $20, so I'll offer $4 each.

I'll also consider buying the sets and splitting them, but I'd only do that if Taillow, Starly, and Pikipek are claimed, since I already have them. I'd charge $4 each before shipping and handling and you'd only pay after I have them in hand.

I don't see the bottle or bedding go up for sale often enough to make a solid offer, but I'll tentatively offer $20 and $80 respectively.
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Re-intro and some old-new gets

I have risen like a phoenix Beast Trio from ashes.

I had to put on hold my collection for a while due to some *insert sad personal reasons*. Lack of motivation and social anxiety have been keeping me away from most of social media. As for collection, right now I cannot get so much merch I used to. Without much spare money to spend and with new interests in other anime I stopped visiting this Community. I stumbled upon it randomly last week and I haven't realized how much I missed it until then.

Maybe I'll be back here mostly as a lurker, but before commenting randomly on someone's post I thought that I re-introduce myself (or maybe introduce, since I see many new users here).

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Also I thought I share some old highlights I never mentioned, despite getting them a loooong time ago. Some of them you probably have seen in previous photos, but you can take a closer look. :)
It's been a while since I bragged about my collection, so it's gonna be long (text heavy, photo heavy).

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This post was long and personal, so thank you for reading <3 I apologize for any spelling errors or awkward grammar, it's been a while since I used English.