July 25th, 2019

Beta, Ray, Bill

Metagross and Armaldo TFG

Hello again!
Two great big grails:
Armaldo TFG
I’ve loved Armaldo since I was 12.
I’d left Anorith in daycare,
then before the league I took it out and was amazed!
Metagross TFG
Another gen 3 classic, everyone loves Metagross.
Thanks to aarux for selling these to me!
Metagross was glued to a Croconaw base,
had to use a scalpel and pliers to get him off!
Miraculously, he’s unharmed-
but Croconaw’s base is in tiny pieces.
I was so lucky these two popped up here on pkmncollectors!
  • jr890

Quick Plush Sales

Hey guys, so slowly getting rid of my collection since my collection has been in storage for years. Starting off with some quick sales

I received sales permission from entirelycliched on 12/11/12, feedback can be found here
Edit( Just added prices, getting ready for work so might not be able to reply for another 7 hours)

All community rules apply

I ship from CO,USA
Items will be sent through first class mail, tracking will be included.
Once packages have been sent I am no longer responsible
I only accept paypal
Will ship outside US
Shipping quote includes price of shipping and shipping supplies
If you ask for a quote please reply as soon as possible or else I will move on to the next person
When asking for a quote please leave your zip code (If in the U.S.), or country.
If you are have a question about the condition of the plushies feel free to ask

White Kyurem:$50

Sleeping Tepig:$50
Empoleon Tomy: $30
Torterra Tomy:$30
  • coh33d

$0.99 Auction!

Hey everyone!
I am parting ways with my Magby Pokedoll, and have set it up for auction via eBay!
He's in really great shape, just needs a good home.
Free shipping within the US.
If you have any questions or anything, please message me on there.

Link to auction here: https://www.ebay.com/itm/303235570775

Auction ends in seven days!

Thanks so much, and have a great day!

*I was granted Sales Permission on (8/8/12) by Allnia*
Livejournal feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/coh33d/
eBay feedback: https://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback2&userid=coh33d