July 28th, 2019

Casual Shoto

Updated sale post!

I am almost competely out with Pokeon merch (with a few exceptions) :') I never belived that one day this would happen to my collection. Things really do change with times.
I am going to a convention soon and I am planning on bringing all of my remaining Pokemon merch to sell there, but I would like to offer them to the community first so there you go ^^ everything I have left for sale is here!

Clic this picture to go to my full sale post :)

Thanks for looking!

Quick Gets

I have one more Rayquaza get to show off as he arrived a couple days ago. Techically, he was a grail, but not as high of priority as the Tomy deluxe sound figure. This guy was also from Tomy, and he always kind of reminded me of the "snake" figures I remember from when I was a kid. From what Ive noticed is that this one doesnt pop up too often either.

Picture of current Rayquaza collection and couple other gets under cut
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And also a quick sales plug...the TakaraTomy die are on the regular sales now for those who may still want to check them out

That is pretty much it for now. Ever since getting the two Rayquazas I havent been doing much, if any, browsing. 0.o It is mostly waiting on the overseas packages that been en route for awhile. Hope everyone been having a good weekend! For some tomorrow is back to the grind. -,-

Good time to be a Lillipup line collector! Plus commission reminder.

It's been a good time to be a Lillipup line collector!!!

I've still got more items coming, but right now I've got new ddjaki, the super crazy new Stoutland figure, stickers, and... MY GRAILS!

Some of you may remember how desperately I was super for the AEON Lillipup line badges, and they're finally mine!

Now my holiest of Holy Grails is what remains for things I'm desperately after...

The unreleased Jakks Lillipup.

I would literally pay someone if their info led to me getting it, no joke, hahaha.

To end, here's a reminder that I'm still open for commissions of clay Pokemon!

Yurutto Raichu custom plush auction!


I had some free time between commissions, and decided to work on a project I've wanted to work on for a while now!....

A Pokemon Yurutto-inspired plush!

Since I was using the Pikachu plush as a reference, I thought it was appropriate to make a Raichu!

He is around 12 inches tall, and made with a super squishy material (like the mochi plushes!) as well as a minky tail

The fabric on the squishy fabric is all hand-dyed as well!

Auction link: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Pokemon-Yurutto-inspired-Raichu-SUPER-SQUISHY-handmade-plush/163795104310

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I hope to make more Yurutto-styled Pokemon plush in the future!


PokemonTrader:// SUMMER FIRE SALES~ Everything Must Go!

Grail: 2017 McDonald's Komala/2017 Sun and Moon Figures

Does anyone have access to this guy?
Granted, I ALSO like the foreign ones with the bases and the "coasting" Pikachu and would like those, too if possible, images here:
(Pikachu, "sparking" Pikachu, Rowlet, Popplio, Litten, Rotomdex)
Any help is greatly appreciated!
Also STILL looking for the Detective Pikachu straw of DP himself, the DP Detective Pikachu AMC promo card and the DP Wal-Mart promo card.
Any help would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks in advance!