July 29th, 2019

Happy Klyde

Long time no see

Hi everyone!!

Gosh it’s been years since I came by to this community. Not much has changed besides still being a crazy Snivy, eevee evolution and latias/latios collector.

One big news is just got engaged couple months ago, to the same guy who has been my Pokémon boyfriend for the past 7 years. XD (bout time sir...)

Taking my growing collection slowly as I speak. Really running out of room, but still getting items slowly.

Hope to have a chance to see the collection photos from everyone. Btw, now searching for the “A day with Pikachu” funko figures. Seems like the blooming and rainy day will be a hard one to track down.

Anyway onto the photos. ^^

Oh also visiting Japan again in October so more hunting for eeveelus there too.

Thanks for looking. ^^

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