August 2nd, 2019

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Pokémon Trainers N T-Shirt

Hello it is I again out from the woodwork for more new N stuff. Today I'm looking for the newly-released PokéCen Pokémon Trainers t-shirt featuring N and Reshiram. I don't have an image for it yet because I haven't seen anyone selling one! If anyone has one for sale, or can point me in the direction of someone selling it, I'd really appreciate it! If you have any other N related things on sale, feel free to let me know, too! Thanks!


Gaze upon him. Look reverently upon that crinkled, memeable, plushified face gifted to us by the pokemon center. Detective Pikachu collectors, your grail has arrived. According to a tweet by @poke_times, this amazing lad is going to be released on the pokemon center jp this fall!