August 3rd, 2019


Pokemon Voodoo Doll Charms & Keychains: Auction Reminder

Hey! Just wanted to drop a quick reminder for my auction that will be ending tomorrow night. I'd really appericate if you took a look. I'm auctioning a custom Wooloo, Yamper and Alcremie voodoo dolls. I also have some custom slots available as well. Follow the link below to the original post. Thank you!

Auction Post:

Reduced figure sales, some rare Plush too!

Hey ya'll!

I got a chance to get one of my favorite bird species (peach fronted conure!!!), so I'd like to clear out some of ye olde collection to get some extra funds for the bebe :)

I added a few plush I really don't need anymore, and reduced the prices on everything else, I need to majorly downsize, and want most of this stuff gone! Haggling is okay, within reason. And if anyone goes to my weebly, I'll be selling most of my plush collection soon, so feel free to inquire about that stuff too.
Cheers mates! :)

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Thanks everyone! Hope all is well, and feel free to comment if you have questions.