August 10th, 2019

20% off Plush Sales + New Handmade Buttons

Hey guys! I've marked all my Pokemon plush for sale at 20% off, so take a look here if you're interested! I'd like to clear out the current lot in my first post before I go through and weed out some more for a fresh sales post. :D

In addition, I've also made some new button artwork featuring all the Pokemon starters in natural environments and a wooloo/mareep acrylic charm. These guys are available in my store, but if you'd like to combine them with a plush purchase just ask me about them in my sales post. I have plans to make much more in the future, including legendaries and groups by certain types, so keep an eye out!

Thanks for looking! <3
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PSA Regarding EBay Pre-orders And What to Do If You Have Been Scammed By a Seller With a Pre-order

EDIT 8/13/19 - I have been given refund to my Paypal by eBay. The post has been updated with additional information, including how to report these listings.

Hello everyone. This post will not be showing off Pokemon merchandise but will be discussing eBay, a platform most of us use for our collections, and a serious fault in their protection of buyers for pre-order/pre-sale listings. I urge the mods to read this post as I believe it belongs in the community to keep everyone safe. I was scammed out of $111 with a pre-order/pre-sale, from a seller with 100% feedback at the time, that was in breach of eBay's own policy for pre-order listings intended to be followed by all sellers. Sellers are not allowed to make pre-order listings of items that cannot be shipped in 30 days. This does not affect buyers until it is too late. The second the listing went up on eBay, it was breaking a rule but was not stricken down immediately and I have found 5 other people that were affected by this seller. Whoever bought the listing I bought was also scammed, so while only 5 public cases came out, the amount of victims is unfortunately a lot higher.

YOU as a collector NEED to be made aware that eBay does not enforce their own pre-order policy to sellers. I have irrefutable evidence of the seller scamming me and 5 others. This post is a bit long but I am hoping it will help the community, people outside the community when they seek help through a search engine about their options after being scammed with a pre-order, and to publicly hold eBay accountable for the negligence and damages caused to buyers on their platform. Sellers who break eBay's pre-order rule are also in violation of the FTC's 30 Day Rule for items sold online if you are in the USA.

TL;DR: You can get your money back after being scammed with a pre-order listing that does not follow eBay's pre-order rule which you can read following the link, even if it goes back a year or maybe longer. These listings are NOT allowed and YOU as the buyer did nothing wrong by purchasing a listing that broke a rule the second it was posted. The seller offended first. You need to ask for a higher up if you call eBay. A regular employee cannot help you IF you call through the phone. I was able to get a refund through their Twitter customer service account though I am unsure if this person that helped was a higher up. You can get an eBay coupon in the amount you lost due their negligence and as compensation of damages. It is also possible to get a refund to Paypal if you paid through there.
If you got scammed by a pre-order that was not breaking eBay's rule and it's over 30 days, this post might not help you unfortunately. My personal advice is, if you buy internationally from eBay or do pre-orders that are scheduled for release soon, it is worth to get set up with Paypal so that you have a longer amount of time to get the money back in case of a scammer. In this case if you paid with PayPal, you have 180 days to dispute your money back.

Very special thanks to @TheorytheCorgi and @UnsuckEBAY on Twitter for finally making justice possible in this negligence case. @UnsuckEBAY is an account that exposes issues with eBay in hopes of reform. Here is proof of the user that reached out to me on Twitter getting their refund coupon in the amount they had previously been scammed out of. They have been after this money a year! We finally were able to all work together and get it back. As of this time, I have not had the time to call eBay to refund me but now I have solid proof that it is possible. Click the image for the full size.

Here's proof of my own refund:

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