August 22nd, 2019


Lance T-Shirt + Dream League TCG for sale / trade

Hello! After having no luck on finding an N T-shirt for sale, I decided to try two blind packet myself and ended up getting 2 Lance T-shirts ;_;

They are for sale at $30 $26 + shipping/ fees each or $55 $45 (lowered price!) if you want to take both! Or I will trade for N T-shirt.
Both sold thanks!
Unfortunately I was too excited and opened the packs before getting home and the outer packaging is being open is a rough tear :x But the shirts are brand new.

I am located in Hong Kong and will ship internationally, my sales rules are here.


In addition, I bought a whole box of the new Dream League TCG hoping for some holo/ reverse N cards (since there were several), but have no luck ;_; So pretty much everything is for sale.

If you have some N cards from any series in any language and would love a trade, please let me know. I will almost defintely say yes ^^

No minimum purchase for this post.

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