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02 September 2019 @ 12:36 pm
I've been looking for the Pokebox Lollipop Sylveon charm for a long long time, it's been on my wishlist for several years. Finally it popped up on ebay (at a very high price unfortunately) but I didn't think twice before placing my order. It arrived, and my Lollipop vol.2 charms set is officially complete!!!
By the way Pokebox announced on their FB page that they're working on a re-release of these charms!!! They'll fix some minor design faults and the charms will look slightly different from the original release. I'm excited to see the re-release, even I already paid $$$ on my set LOL This is really good news for those who didn't buy the original set because of the $$$ they now go for on the market (especially Sylveon you evil little girl)
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This is my room with new shelves on the wall. I have another cabinet in the closet with all Pokedolls sitting in it. Eevees are overflowing... I really don't know what to do with future plushes!
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Sales update! Added the rare look upon the stars pouch and a Klefki keyring, some Ditto figures, plushes, and took new picture for freebies.
I'm offering 10% off everything this week until Sunday. Minimum purchase is $2.
02 September 2019 @ 09:30 pm
Hello! I am currently seeking some plastic mega stones produced by Takara Tomy back when XY came out. I am looking for Sharpedonite and Garchompite. The photo below is just an example of what these look like. Any help is appreciated!

Found thanks!

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Edit: Also if you have the Sharpedonite or Garchompite charms from the Pokemon Center, I may be interested.

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Thanks everyone! Hope you had a great Labor Day weekend if you celebrated it!