September 4th, 2019

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Berry's Forest, Ghost's Castle Acrylic Charm Claims

Hi all!

After a long summer and a little hiatus, I'm back with some claims! A beautiful, new promotion from the Pokemon Center was recently announced, and, assuming that PC does what it always does, I've decided to do claims for the acrylic charms.
Each charm will be $9 plus shipping from me to you and fees. I only plan on doing claims for one box for each set, but if there is enough interest in them (i.e. all the ones in the first set are claimed), I will open another set for claim. I also cross-posted my claims in hopes that the spots will fill up quicker. The charms will be released September 14, and I should have these around the beginning of October. I will be closing claims for these on September 12 at 6:00 PM EDT (Detroit time). The ones that haven't been claimed are still available!

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In addition to these, I also updated my main Claims Post with some new items. And, as a small update, I added a new set of Floral Cup figures! Here's a little sneak peak at some of the items:

To be transported to my claims booth, please click either the picture or the following link:
I have lots of new items up for claim, so if you're looking for or missed something in particular, now's your chance!

Thank you for taking a look!
Until next time with some big updates~

September Peanut Plush Commissions! Plus More Gets! -Slots Closed!-

Hello everyone, how are you all? :D

I just want to say thank you to everyone who commissioned me last month, you guys were the first of many rounds of these plush that I plan to do, because you were all so wonderful! I am looking forward to making more poke-cuties for you all! ^^

However, I did change some things about this month's slots, so please read them all before you commit to a slot!

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1. mccatnip
2. mega_quilava
3. presleyhydrei
4. chaobu

EDIT II: All slots claimed! Thank you all!!

Additionally, I got some more gets over the month as well!! I will post those under another cut.

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Anyways, that will be all for now! Thanks for reading and looking forward to making some more Peanuts for you guys! :DD
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Lf help redeeming pokemon pon (japan)

Hello! I’m in japan currently and I mistakenly purchased an item I thought I could have shipped to the USA. I was wondering if someone could help translate my item or perhaps act as a middle man and send the item to me? I will pay all fees and offer a commission fee as well.

Thank you in advance !