September 7th, 2019

Collection Trimming Sale Part 1 - Giant Plush Sales

Hey everybody, Jaydee here!

I haven't made a post on the community for a while, but I've been lurking atleast once a week! Life has been so busy, but I've finally made some time to post.
I am starting to trim down my collection substatially, to both help pay off student debt, as well as help my parents buy a home! This is the first of many sales, focusing on plush today.

As many of you know, I used to run a pretty large shop here dedicated to Pokemon Kids figures. I'm in the process of listing them, and making it a bit easier for me to be able to offer them to you by using excel sheets and other boring stuff LOL

Here is a preview of what plush I'm looking to find homes for :)


Collapse )

I will also link my Pokemon Kids store below. It isn't properly set up yet, but I'm willing to take on orders as I prepare :)

Jaydee Store Logo.JPG

As always, I'll be here :)

- Jaydee <3