September 8th, 2019


WTB: Look upon the stars

Hi all,

I haven't been around the last few years, but I've recently gotten back into collecting, and was wondering if anyone can help me with my wants! I've been looking for any goodies from the "look upon the stars" promotion. So far, I have the pouch, but that's it! I'd really like to get my hands on these... especially the parka/ hoodie, backpack, and bed sheets XD

Can anyone help a gal out?

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LF - Meowth PlushPlush or Meowth Pokedoll

Long time, no post!

I haven't added much to my collection recently so I haven't had much of a need to post much. I might reintroduce myself and my collection at some point soon, but that's not why I'm here today.

A damaged TTO Meowth PlushPlush recently went up for auction; a plush I've been trying to get my hands on for years. I really fought for it, even got up super early to do so, but I lost in the end. So now I'm coming to you all in search of either the Meowth PlushPlush or Pokedoll. I'd much rather buy it from another collector anyway.

I know it's a long shot especially since I've been trying to find it for a while and know just how rarely they pop up for sale, but I want to put myself out there in case someone is thinking of selling theirs or knows someone who is.

Thank you!