September 13th, 2019


looking for: Pokemon fit Charizard and Venomoth

EDIT: ended up buying them separately, as it was cheaper!
As title says, I'm after two specific Pokémon Fit plushies: CHARIZARD and VENOMOTH.

They MUST be the Japanese version, but I don't really care about the paper hang tag being there.

I'd rather buy from someone that has both of them, to save on shipping cost. Please let me know if you can help!

Also as always, looking for any items you might have that feature HAWLUCHA!

I'm specially after these things, but might be interested in other stuff as well, including customs (only customs you already have on hand, not interested in commissioning new ones at the moment):

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one of my drawings
one of my drawings


My name is Eneida and im a girl from Chile, south america

I created this livejournal to be part of the community so im happy i got accepted.

I love anime and manga and im working on a cosplaying project (stay tuned, pokecos coming soon) i also like gaming from time to time. Pokemon was probably my favorite show when i was a child and i loooved pikachu and eevee. 

Favorite anime/manga are nhk ni youkoso , code geass, berserk and nana

My current favorite pokemon are sylveon, espeon, umbreon, eevee ofc, alolan ninetales, fennekin, gengar and litten.

I'm currently collecting sylveon merch mainly so you're welcome to offer me anything sylveon! (some eevee items too!)

I'm looking forward to participating and sharing a bbit of my small (but growing) collection!

20 auctions over on eBay! Link below :)

Hi comm!

Quick post today, below is a link to my eBay with lots of Pokemon lots on there! Please let me know if the link isn’t working, all end next Thursday! :)

Good luck!


Edit - My Sales Permission was granted by areica96 on 21/11/2018

Here’s my feedback -

I ship internationally from the UK :)

Hello, Poke-people!

I'd like to introduce myself, I'm tiny_wai1ord. I've been interested in Pokemon ever since it came out, and I loved to collect Pokemon Hasbro and Jakks Pacific plush. Now, I'm collecting Pokemon Center plush- not for myself, but for my nephew with autism, with whom I share his Pokemon Center plush collecting adventure. Others' misunderstandings of his differences cause him a lot of distress in his home and school environments, but it seems like his "real" Pokemon friends provide him with a sense of security and safety. I really enjoy playing through the games with him (like the Let's Go! and 3DS entries), but the virtual world doesn't provide physical presence and tangibility that plush do. It is to help him that I joined this site by hopefully catching him some new "friends" from a place where Pokemon plush are appreciated. In summary, my goal isn't to "collect" per se, but to support someone who could really use the morale boost-- all without causing myself financial hardship as a self-supporting college student.

Before wrapping this intro up, I'd like to convey some facts about my nephew's interests within the world of Pokemon. Unsurprisingly, his first Pokemon plush was a Hasbro Pikachu. However, I think he's now focused solely on the US Pokemon Center plush. His favorite Pokemon include Mega Shiny Gardevoir, Raichu, Furret, and Swablu- all which he really likes from the games/ TV show and would really like plush toys of. With this in mind, I sincerely hope some member(s) on this site may be able to help me find them, and, in turn, help my nephew. Thank you all for reading this, and I look forward to being a part of this community!