September 14th, 2019

  • ietne

Settei auctions!

Hi all! Today is the settei day!

Before auctioning starts, I want to thank everyone who shared their knowledge and thoughts under my previous post, helping me determine originality of my settei. Your information were very helpful and I learned a lot. :)

Many people were interested in what Pokemon I have, so I decided to sell every other page that is not Beasts. I also found that there was an auction done some time ago by pepperzark on a settei set that appeared to be the same (or very similar) set that I have! So whoever paricipated in that auction - check setteis under the cut, maybe it's your second chance!

Tagging: mightyena_mad_7, slothyshroom and jackalopeexpert.

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Please wait until all threads are up and this sentence is crossed out! Happy bidding!

EDIT: All auctions have ended, thank you for participating!
Please give me some time to check everything and calculate your total bids (I'll post them as soon as I can).