September 19th, 2019

Death the Kid

Updates Sales 9/19

I updated my sales by lowering prices on a lot of stuff and adding some more stuff. I also will have a discount, anyone who purchases $70+ items will get free shipping and insurance. (US only, will expire on the 21st) (excludes the misc. lot and resin figures)

Sales here:

I have a lot of rare items with some that are really cheap now.

my next shipping date is on the 27th so payments must be complete before the 22nd so I have time to pack everything.

Powers Nerdy McGlasses
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Auction! Lots of Plush, Walky keychain plush, Eevee Relxation, Mewtwo Mega, and More!

Just a heads up! I am going to have totalys by the 25th. I forgot even with only a few bidders this is pretty time consuming :S my work schdule had changed up a bit and I wasn't ready for it.

Sorry for the delay!

Hey all! It's been awhile since I last posted, but I have some special things you guys may be looking for. Rather than sell it on other platforms I want these items to go to good homes and maybe help fulfill some grails for you!
The Auction ends Monday the 23rd @ 17:00 (5pm) PST
Rules are as follows:

  • -Bid increase in increments of a dollar unless under a dollar than .25 cents

  • -Sniping rule applies

  • All packages will be shipped from California and shipped in plastic mailers or bubble mailers whichever is safest for the product.

  • Payment must be made within three (3) business days of auctions end or next bidder may be notified

  • I can ship all weekdays, however packages are most likely to go out Tuesday - Saturday

  • Paypal only, please!

  • I will ship internationally at buyers expense

  • Do not delete a comment without my permission

Don't Post Until All Threads Are Up <3

All Threads Up! It Starts Now!

+Feedback is Here
+Granted Sales Permission by entirelycliched

[Click for Merch!]

History: These were bought from Japan. I have the whole set, but
I am choosing to keep Umbreon, Espeon, and Sylveon. I am thinning
out my collection because collection all eevee-loutions is consuming
too much space. These is referred to as the Eevee Relaxation Set.

Starts @ 10.00
Flareon Starts @ 10.00
Jolteon Starts @ 10.00
Vaporeon Starts @ 10.00
Leafeon Starts @ 10.00
Glaceon Starts @ 10.00

Walky Eevee Keychain Small (without tag, chain, and charms)
Starts @ 15.00
Ditto Eevee With Tag Starts @ 10.00
Flareon (I <3 Eevee) keychain without chain
Starts @ 10.00
Vaporeon (I <3 Eevee) keychain without chain Starts @ 10.00
Walky Charmander (small) (without tag, chain, and charms) Starts @ 10.00

Charmander Tomy Keychain Starts @ 1.00
I <3 Pikachu keychain plush w/o chain
Starts @ 1.00
Oshowott vibrating plush keychain Starts @ 1.00
Pokemon Go clip (working, new batter) Starts @ 1.00
Zorua pokeball keychain
Starts @ 1.00
Z Braclet is broken! Will not be sold. Thing is posessed.

These were all bought by me from Target back in 2009+
The smudge on togekiss was dust I wiped away after. Sorry!

Togekiss Plush with Tag Jakks Pacific Starts @ 5.00
Riolu Sititng Plush with tag Jakks Pacific Starts @ 5.00
Munna with tag Jakks Pacific Starts @ 5.00
Celebi without tag Jakks Pacific Starts @ 5.00

(Ditto eevee accidentally made it into this picture, I don't
have two of them--sorry!)
Ditto Raichu with Tag Starts @ 5.00
Chimchar Banpresto velvet plush Starts @ 1.00
Chimchar Claw Machine plush with tag Starts @ 1.00

Psyduck Plush Tissue Holder keychain
Starts @ 50 cents
McDonalds Pikachu Toy (lights up) Starts @ 50 cents
Bulbasaur Burger King toy (without stand) lights up Starts @ 50 cents
Lugia Burger King toy (without stand) Starts @ 50 cents
Chansey top Burger King Starts @ 50 cents
Clefair top Burger King Starts @ 50 cents
Vileplume Burger King keychain Starts @ 50 cents
Squirtle toy (has some sort of weird bottom plug) Starts @ 50 cents

Pikachu TCG Figure Starts @ 50 cents
Venusaur TCG Figure Starts @ 50 cents
Charizard TCG Figure Starts @ 50 cents

Slowpoke Kid
Starts @ 50 cents
Sandshrew Kid Starts @ 50 cents
Squirtle Kid Starts @ 50 cents
Chimchar Kid Starts @ 50 cents
Cubone Kid Starts @ 50 cents
Squirtle Tomy Starts @ 50 cents
Rhyhorn Burger King  Starts @ 50 cents

Pokeball Plush keychain Starts @ 1.00

These are some old school hard plastic cards that
when you tip them they show the evolution. Might
be a blast from the past for some of you :)

All start at 50 cents each!

Dratini to Dragonair
Dragonair to Dragonite
Drowzee to Hypno

Growlithe Plush w/tag Starts @ 10.00

Arcanine Plush with tags Starts @ 10.00

History: So, when these dolls came out I had someone in Japan
buy me the Mewtwo Y plush. Either Pokemon Center wasn't in america
yet or was newly establishing. Either way I didn't expect to get it any
other way than USA so I bought Mewtwo Y through her. Mewtwo X however
was bought from Pokemon Center with the American tag

Mega Mewtwo X Starts @ 15.00
Mega Mewtwo Y Starts @ 15.00

Mega Mewtwo Y Plush with Tag

Mega Mewtwo X Plush With Tag
This area here is just a product I already sell. You can use them as Eevee cosplay paws
if you like! With or without claws.

Cosplay Paws 5.00  per pair
Eevee Dangle

Sales Reopened For Now ~

Hi all! It's been a while <3

My Sales Here:

I'm reopening sales for a little while, since I need to pay for a grailish preorder (*much hype*). They will probably close again in a week or so, since I'm quite busy these days, so don't miss out :)

I have quickly gone through and reduced prices across the pokemon plush section in particular (especially larger plushies), so if there was something you wanted before, but thought it was too expensive, feel free to take another look. <3 I'm trying my best to price according to sold listings on ebay and such, but you genuinely feel my pricing is too high, feel free to make an offer.

I'll also be updating with more stuff over the next few days, so check back frequently! ;) I'm planning on digging through my Eeveelution collection and selling off some duplicates, so expect some old-type pokedolls, charms, ichiban kuji goodies and more.

Pokemon Wants! (Metagross + Steven)

Woohoo, first post to the community! I hope I did everything right :x

I've gotten back into collecting Metagross merchandise and there's a bunch of things I lack. I also collect Steven Stone merch, so if you've got any of that please contact me!

I'm located in the US and only buy via Paypal.

Click the below image if you'd like to see the list!

On another note I'm happy to be back, it's been a long time since I was here buying merch! I'm planning on making an intro real soon, I hope I can become friends with some of you all! ^.^