September 20th, 2019

Another one of my archives finds and some more never before seen pictures!

Hello friends, you know I only post when I got something cool to show.

So firstly. This is cool, but I am not super familiar with Hasbro toys. I found these photos of toys that were displayed at a "Pokemon Fashion show" in New York that Hasbro put on in 2000. These pictures I found on an old blog were screenshots of the livestream from 2000 on Pokemon's website of this fashion show. This fashion show is considered lost media at the moment, I can only find a clip of it (skip to 3:21) but not the video in its entiretly. Many of these toys I do not recognise, so I assume some of these never came to market. The Kangaskhan throwball plush and Mew plush stick out to me specifically. The screen shots are so low quality it is hard to tell what a lot of the stuff is, but again, these were screenshots of a livestream in the year 2000, high resolution was not a thing yet lol.

Secondly, this gets a cut:
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So that is all I have.... For now... I have an exciting update for my Pokemon Center New York Website here soon, so stay tuned!

 Oh ! and recently did a collection update on my youtube so check that out!