September 27th, 2019

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Looking for these things

Hi everyone!

I have a few things i've been looking for for quite a while, so i thought i'd post and see if anyone is selling them here!

Without further ado:

MPC plush: Volcarona and escavalier

Kids: pineco, shuckle, Ninjask, Spewpa, Charjabug & pheromosa & Buzzwole (if they have kids yet?)

Genesect BW metal coin - copper

Chara metal charm - secret rare

Large can badges - i have the bugsy version, but am looking for: Janine, Burgh, Roxie, Alder, Viola & Aaron
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Thank you!
Shiny Entei

Lots of Gets

 So I got a huge box in the mail and decided I'd share the unpacked contents with all of you!

Sometimes I really love the way services pack items where it's a bunch of things inside one box! It's Like Christmas!!!

So I went on a little bit of a shopping spree on Mericari. They just had SO MANY cheap items that I didn't have so... I bought them all!!!

Let's get started!

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Thanks for looking with me! I hope you all have a good weekend!
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For Sale DP and sinnoh starter Kaiyodo pre order.

Palkia Dialga and sinnoh starters kaiyodo preorder for sale. Sealed in pack.

50 usd for the 3 figures.
Shipping starts at 5$

I was granted sales permission by areica96 on January 29, 2018
* All PKMNCollector rules apply
* I will NOT sell to non-members or banned members.
* US only please! Sorry, but currently I can't ship internationally except for rare items I can do priority mail (though expensive)
* PayPal only for payment
* no haggling please unless I put "obo" next to it
Shipping starts at $5
* If you're 100% committed to an item, please use the words "Committed" or "I'll commit to______ " and include the zipcode.
* Whoever commits to an item first will get the item, even if someone else asked for a quote for the same item
* I can hold an item for 48 hours if you need a little more time to pay
* Prices do not include PP Fees or shipping, unless the word "shipped" is next to it
I dont have any animals on my house.

And please feel free to ask for more photos
And please ask any questions before you commit
Thank you