September 30th, 2019

Show me your Larvitar/Tyranitar goods! Sharpedo snowglobe

Early birthday shopping for my boyfriend. His favorite Pokemon is Larvitar and Tyranitar. Only interested in figures and plush. Maybe keychains and charms? If they exist. More likely to buy from someone who has bulk and ships from the US, but still feel free to link me your sales page.

Edit: Why did "fig ures" get autochanged to "divs"? What does that even mean? I clearly typed fig ures. xD

Also looking for this Sharpedo snow globe thing. There's one on eBay, but seller is in China, so can't be sure if it is bootleg or not.

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sales reminder

Just another quick sales reminder, I managed to grab another Graniph shirt which is very rare on market, and price is the same as the previously sold one.
I'm also trying to get the huge robot Pikachu sold asap, it's taking up too much space. If anyone would like to have it, just pay shipping and take it home. Shipping will be around $16-20 in the US. If I'm still unable to get it sold, I'll probably need to donate it or give it to some kid in the neighborhood.
Kodi run

Back from Japan sales

I just got back from Japan and I had a blast! It was so cool to go to the Pokemon Centers. Sadly this is currently the end of the Sun and Moon era so I didn't really find as much as I was hoping for my collections. I did get some cool stuff though which I'll have to share soon. I did get some extra items while I was there which are for sale below.

I have the Osaka DX Pikachu TCG cards and clear cards for sale as well as some Sword and Shield Promo things, a book, clearfiles, flats and some figurines!

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Thanks for looking!

Also, just a reminder that I have some cute handmade pokemon plush in my Etsy shop here:
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October Craft Commissions!

Comment below if you're interested in an open slot! Commissions can be combined with other sales (see below, also there are free charms!)

External Art Sites:

 Commission Slots:
1) Chihiiro-- needle felt quagsire
2) Crochet dusclops
3) Crochet doduo

Newest art:

Wooloo & Oddish!

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Comment with any questions, and thank you for looking!