October 1st, 2019

Sylveon Poncho Pikachu

~Eeveelution Mega Contrux Figure Sale And Interest in MonPoke Plush~

Hey, everyone!

I recently bought this Mega Construx set of Eeveelutions figures specifically for the Sylveon. I only wanted the Sylveon so I was wondering if anyone who was interested in the set but didn't want to buy it in full would want any of these? I'm asking $12 each not including shipping. They would be shipped in a bubble mailer since they were individually packaged in the box. They come with their own instructions. I have these in hand and can ship them asap.

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Available: $12 each
Eevee is $10

I also bought this set of exclusive washcloth MonPoke' Plush for Smeargle.
They were only available at a pop up shop for a limited time. Not sold at the Pokemon Center or online.
The set was pricey. And will get to me in a week or so. I was curious if anyone would be interested in the others when they arrive?
I'm asking for $40 each.
Mime Jr.
Also, always on the look out for anything on my WANT LIST. Which I recently updated.
Looking for the last Spinda, Smeargle, Sylveon, Raichu, Absol, Sentret line, Zig line items I need.

I appreciate any help finding any of these items. <3


PokemonTrader:// Japanese Card Emporium - VS Series 2001 Sales!

Hey Everyone!!

I'm excited to announce that today I'm re-opening my Japanese Card Emporium!

I've started off with something really exciting! I've been given an opportunity to bring you guys the highest quality VS Series 2001 cards I've seen in a long, LONG time. These cards are all mint - gem mint quality, despite being almost 2 decades old!

This set features Gym Leaders from Kanto & Johto, the Johto Elite Four, Lance & Rocket Pokemon!
Released exclusively in Japan, these are highly sought-after. Check out my sales to buy a piece of this amazing treasure!

For more information on the set check out collectorviper's article here with their gorgeous scans.