October 3rd, 2019

  • 3dahri

Poketober! (pokemon inktober)

hey! i know im a lil late and this might not be the most original thing to post but i wanted to challenge the community to this poketober list i created (again, super duper not original) ill be posting mines daily to my own journal and when october is over ill make a post on the community!

i hope participants (if anyone) can share down here their igs or even their inktober entries or whatever platform used to post them.

im gonna start by sharing my art ig, where you can find the entries ive posted so far https://www.instagram.com/gattagati/ 

ill also include the list i made but you can of course do your own list, this one is just for reference and in case anyone wants to use it as well:

Collapse )

early gen 8 merch item for sale

i have a full thing of lotte cola gum there are 20 packs and 5 strips per pack

each strip of gum is covered in one these little papers if you want the whole 20 it will be 20$

if you want one of these loose papers shown in this image they would be $.75