October 22nd, 2019

September/October Gets (Sales Update too!)

Hello everyone!

Been a decent couple of months for gets, so I will just jump straight on in!

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And that concludes the gets! I did, however, add some new items to my SALES, so please come take a look!

I am currently also working on a collection site, so look forward to that going live in the next month or so, if I can get the weather to cooperate with me to take decent pictures xD

Til next time!

  • chills

re-introduction + updates

hey, y'all! i haven't made a post here in a long while (over a year wow) so i thought it was about time i made one again. i thought i'd re-introduce myself since, well, it's been a year & a lot has changed. so, hey! i'm chills, but please feel free to call me ethan! my username used to be "chillsmojo", but i changed it literally like an hour ago lool. i collect caterpie & lugia stuff, though i wish to collect more pokemon things soon! since i have a job, i'm sure i'll definitely be more active in the collecting scene which i'm super excited about!! :D

below the cut is some collection update pics!

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i'm gonna try harder to post more frequently to this site since i've been getting into collecting again! i forgot how fun it really is lmao. anyway, i hope you all have a nice day!!