October 28th, 2019


Pokemon Zukan / Zuken Collection Update

Hello there again! I'm back with another collection update!
Before anything else..and I will have to stress this.. 

DO NOT TALK ABOUT GEN 8 ON THIS POST (reasons under the cut)

The collection's still growing strong, and with more still to come even after this post, so in another couple months I'll be here again. Anyway, I decided to make a composition shot again of all the new stuff, to lure ya'll into under the cut.
As always though, this post is image heavy, be aware of that when opening the cut (do it in another tab)

All the new stuff together
All the new stuff together
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Looking for Singapore middleman

Hello, I am wanting to buy this item from the website Toymana that is located in Singapoore: https://www.toymana.com/products/289811?token=EC-5BM96976TP541523U

I know they offer international shipping, but for some reason it's over $100.00??? This item has become a grail for me because I can't find it for sale anywhere where it's a decent price. The only people in Japan selling it all want near;y $400.00 for it, which is extremely ridiculous. I tried to buy one from an ebvay seller in Japan who has it listed for only $70.00 which is a good deal, but they either don't have it or want to sell it for much higher than they have it listed. I know because I bought the item on the 1st of September and they never shipped it. Tried contacting them multiple times over the course of the past 2 months with no response. I haven't even gotten my money back from them, I will finally be able to open a case on November 1st after waiting so long because they won't talk to me. It's really sad that they won't even say why they refuse to ship the item. If you don't have it, then please just tell me. Don't just take my money and then go off the radar. It's a shame I had to leave negative feedback. If they're willing to work with me then I'm willing to change the feedback I left but they don't seem to care really.

I know international shipping isn't cheap, but I shouldn't have to pay over $100.00 just to ship the item. So I would really appreciate if anyone living in Singapore would be willing to ship to me, I can pay you directly via paypal. Shipping would be to the West coast of USA. Thank you! ;-;