November 3rd, 2019

us pokecen exclusive holiday and eevee merch!

good evening everyone!

the us pokemon center has been diversifying their exclusive merch lately, with surprise products like leggings, unique apparel, and varying home goods. seems like it's sticking with that formula so far, and expanding it!

today they released an eevee themed campaign, featuring a muted olive color palette on products like shirts, leggings, a bomber jackect (!), a fleece throw, and mugs.

they also have an exclusive holiday collection, featuring a pretty big selection of holiday sweater themed sweatshirts, christmas ornaments and other assorted decorations.

on that same note, the us version of the holiday plush are different from the jp. they don't have metal bells or plastic charms, and instead have felt replacing those details.

thanks for reading!
  • surgyn

Looking for UK sellers!

As my title says, I haven’t bought in a long time and I miss Pokemon- i’d like to look at some uk sellers.

I also accidentally left the discord so if anyone has a link I’d appreciate it, I am dumb ^^;;

I don’t have a picture of anything super exciting but I did get these lovely friends recently

So I’d like some more soft travel buddies

Hope everyone had a nice Halloween x