November 5th, 2019

Pokemon Type Shirt ~ Grass

Hey, all. I just came across these shirts from 2017 and of course I've instantly fallen in love with the grass type shirt (at least half of the Pokemon displayed are personal favorites of mine that don't get much clothing merchandise). 

Were these only sold in a popup shop? I imagine there's probably no way to get a hold of it now but if anyone has any info or perhaps a grass type shirt for sale please let me know.

Plush sales

Firstly the remaining zukan figures from the last sales post are now on eBay, you can find those here:
Next up I have plush sales now that I've sorted out some pricing, as always reasonable haggling is ok with me.

I'm offering FREE STANDARD SHIPPING if you spend $50 or more.
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Thanks for looking, if you have any questions etc please let me know ^^

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It's time to sell part of my collection as I no longer have the room *sad face* (sales permission granted by entirelycliched on 06 NOV 2014)

(Community Feedback here | Ebay Feedback here

I also have feedback on a certain Digimon forum that I run the Sales/Trading area on there. Available if requested :))

The Rules / Shipping / Postage / Quotes Etc

- I only accept Paypal. Please send payments as Goods, and include in the memo your LJ username, so I know who you are, and the items you're buying. (it also makes it easier for me to give you feedback!)

- No banned members allowed.

- All bubble envelopes are new and I also have some mailing bags for if people choose that option.

- I will combine shipping whenever possible to make it cheaper for you.

- I ship from the UK. Shipping in the UK starts from £3.95. Any international parcel starts from £9 tracked for the smaller items. I do not send untracked.

-If you want a price/shipping quote first, then decide whether you want to buy or not that is fine. It is first come first serve (so if person a wants a quote, person a has 24 hours to commit after quote)

-Our house is animal and smoke free.

-All Prices are not inclusive of shipping. When posting, please ensure you tell me where you live (i.e UK, USA etc) that way i can give you an estimate on postage. If you prefer your item to be sent in a box (some small plush will likely fit in bubble envelopes, then please say so in advance!)

- If someone asks for a quote, I will provide one and give that person a chance to say yes or no. Even if someone says they can 'buy now'

- I can generally get to the post office on most days after work. (Minus all day Sunday)

- I only accept Paypal from any country. No E-cheques. All payments should be in pounds.


[SOLD] Pokemon Centre - Pikachu Snow Seasons 2016 - £60
Pokemon Centre - Pikachu Snow with Cape and Cap Female 2015 - £60
Pikachu with Pecha Berry - £20
Banpresto Halloween Pikachu 2011 - £30
Pokemon Centre - Dittochu 2016 - £20 (possbile fake?)
Pokemon Centre Mega Tokyo Charizard Pikachu - £30
Pokemon With You - Music Note Pikachu - £50
Pokemon Centre - Cosplay Pikachu 5 Charms - £25
Pokemon Center - Pikachu Gummi Candy Mirror 2016 - £20

Any questions feel free to ask. If you need pictures of Plush tags please ask.

Say hi from China+ wants~

Hi everyone. I’m pokemon fan from China. Very glad to find this amazing place by chance. Here's part of my collections.

Folllwing are specific photos of my recent fav! The statue is  individually designed and made by a craftman in China named DD. I 'm his big fan!

Many of.them are Chinese fan works~
I'm now hunting for tcg Black & White  Kyurem metagross and lapras. Pls contact me if you have any clues!THANKS!