November 9th, 2019

More Collection Updates : )

So my collection has grown exponentially over the last six months so I will do away with the Part 1 Part 2 title as I don't see myself slowing down at all! Also, I've been having so much fun with this @dissertation_and_pokemon Instagram account (I hit 390 followers today!) it was certainly a surprise to me since I have never done much with social media before...but now it is something I look forward to every day : ) 

So, now on to the collection! 

My new Kotobukiya May and Mudkip! I love the way this design turned out, also she is extra special to me because Alpha Sapphire is the game that got me back into Pokemon after an almost ten year hiatus. 

More pictures under the cut!

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A few small things for sale!

Just a few little things I'm looking to re-home! :}

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PokeBox Espeon acrylic stand - $12 (shipping included in price within the US)

ITSDEMO Christmas Flareon mascot - $25 (shipping included in price within US)

Puttito Alolan Vulpix figure - $12 (shipping included in price within US)

TeeFury 'Eevee Atsume' womens shirt size XL,(Tho imo fits more like a medium-small, Please see tape measure photo for more of an idea on that). -  $10 (shipping included in price with US)