November 12th, 2019

Shiny Noctowl Grail get! Animation cels!

So a little while back i bid on this amazing shiny Noctowl Animation cel and I received it today.
To my amazement there were two cels! It was not included in the listing so i was pleasantly surprised!
Shoutout to thegengar0215

Unfortunately there was no original drawings included but they did include the background.
It is a copy though.

I was very surprised when i won the cel in auction. I got it for a third of the price of what the other cels went for from the same seller.

I am very honored to have a piece of Pokemon history in my possession and i will treat it with care.
I will have them framed soon.

Also a big shoutout and thanks to dusteddiamond for letting me use this amazing avatar they made. Hopefully it’s still alright me using it. 😅
I was planning on using it when i did my next Charmeleon collection update but unfortunately that might take a little longer than expected.

Thank you for letting me share!
A few more pics under the cut. ^ ^
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