November 15th, 2019

  • neotk

Seeking 80 Kanto Pokémon Fit Plushies & 109 #My151 Stickers

Hey everyone, so a few months ago I posted looking for #My151 stickers and was pretty successful. Rather than type a long list, I'll just post my Google Sheet, ignore the charm column (unless you have charms I don't have!) but looking for stickers for ones I have not checked off.

I am also looking for original Kanto Fit plushies, Japanese version. The thing is, the brown tag MUST have "My151" on the front of the tag in the upper right corner. Until May 2019's restock, all of the plush should have had that designation on them. I believe the ones from the Pokémon Centre in Singapore already did not as they had Johto and when the Johto line released, they updated the tags for the original Kanto to make it entirely uniform.

HOWEVER, my OCD being as insane as it is, seeks to keep things uniform. Again, rather than list out what I am looking for, please check this Google Sheet here for ones I do not have checked off currently. Preference is given to people who can fill in gaps, i.e. Snorlax, the Eevee-lutions, evolution lines, like the Nidas and Nidos.

For right now I am NOT interested in acquiring anything else from the Johto line and just concentrating on acquiring the missing 80 Kanto plush. Thanks again everyone!!