November 17th, 2019

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Selling my collection! Zukans, figs, plush and more!

Hello everyone!

Long time no see, huh? :D
I've finally decided to sell my entire collection, it wasn't an easy decision, believe me... But it's time for me to focus on other stuff :)

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Below you'll find a lot of various figures and some other stuffs. I still have tons of flats, you'll find few of them here, but I will make sales for the rest in 2020 probably.

So yeah, there may be around 1000 figures (+ some plushies) below so feel free to take a look XD
You'll find there:
- over 50 zukans
- about 100 battle museum figs
- Pokemon Time straps
- complete Pokemon Center gacha sets
- some Pokedolls
and many many others!
I'm also selling my main collections - Legendary Beast Trio, Ludicolo line, Teddiursa, Ditto line, Slowpoke line and others!

SHIPPING IS ONLY $3 WORLDWIDE! no matter how many items you buy ^-^

Small preview:

I'm OPEN TO OFFERS, I need to find new homes for these guys so don't hesitate to message me.



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And that's it, thanks for looking!

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Plush + Misc Sales

Hi all! Hope you are all enjoying pokemon sword/ shield. I am still waiting for my copy by post which should hopefully arrive tomorrow, so meanwh
ile I am opening sales! Mostly plushes for now with some other stuffs.


I am located in Hong Kong and will ship internationally, my sales rules are here.

Please expect shipping to be around $4 for the smaller plush and $6 for medium size plush to worldwide :)
If you think my pric is off, please let me know. Haggling is okay for items marked OBO.

Everything under the cuts.

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Misc stuff
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Thanks as always C: