December 3rd, 2019

icon, furret

Graded Furret Cards?

Hello all!  I'm on the hunt for some Graded Gem Mint Furret cards!  I have Aquapolis and Neo Genisis, but my Grail would be a Whitney's VS Furret:

It doesn't even have to be in English.  9 or Higher is Great to me!  It would be a big help >.<

Poke Box Seals

One of these days, I'll post an update of my collection. For now, these are my most recent gets, seals from the fan group, Poke Box. I pre-ordered these three, because I collect Dratini evo line merch, but Sword and Shield wasn't out, yet, so I didn't know what I'd want from it. Now that the games are out, I can definitely say Wooloo's evo line is my favorite. Anyway, I love the designs of these seals and I look forward to using them on what I ship next.