DoryPhish (doryphish333) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Pokemon Advanced Hasbro Hoenn Collection Help Complete Me!

These toys are very special as they are my childhood toys. I originally believe I had the full set of the hoenn line of pokemon but I'm a doofus and I sold my absol and salamence because I wasn't thinking and several others are now missing and I'd like to replace them. Here's my collection so far (Plus May's Beautifly, I do have that one):

So these are the ones I know I had and have lost or ones I've sold:

If there are any other Hoenn Hasbro figures I'm missing let me know! But I think the ones I pictured are the last ones I'm now missing and used to have a complete collection :C
Tags: absol, anorith, grovyle, loudred, salamence, shroomish, wanted, wurmple
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