Michelle (the Raifreak) (raifreak) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Michelle (the Raifreak)

Epic Collection Update is......Epic

Cut for epic Houndoom content.

AHHH! I finally got it! Wonderful Houndoom backpack by kiraras_lemon !!! I can't even begin to think of the words necessary to praise this little bag! Gah! Absolutely amazing! He's so soft...and perfect! Also, he's huge. Hugely huge. He also has a bendy tail! Sorry, I didn't get a picture of me wearing him, no one was around when I took the pictures. Houndoom!

He joins the collection! Look how adorable he is when he's sitting! Ah! Actually, this collection update is missing my newest sculpture commission...so it won't be truly complete until Christmas time. =(

And here are the Houndooms in relation to the rest of my stuff...mainly raichus. Pardon all my other stuff. Someday I'll do a decent raichu update too. Someday. They've begun to take over a second shelf on my wall...
Tags: houndoom, raichu
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