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Gets + Comparison + Sales!

Charizard, Blastosie and Venusaur wanted to welcome the new guys to my collection.

They look so amazing together! I ordered these guys from Amazon JP, long before they got to the US PC site. I'm still glad I imported though. I've had problems with PC.com. They've sent me dirty plush, bent tags, derpy looking results of poor quality control. Once they just flat out forgot to send my item, and after I emailed them about it they refunded my money and sent the plush anyway, free of charge. So it's a mixed bag. I've never had a problem with Amazon JP, but I don't import often because of the extra cost.

I guess they're going to take the tour.

I also got this cool figure. This Mega Sableye Tomy is really great. I love the way the light shines through the gem stone. I could look at it for hours.

so pretty.

It looks like it's glowing.

The back has great detail, nice paint job. One of my favorite Tomy figures.

Well I guess that's it...


I got the Slowpoke re-release pokedoll also. I already had the old one which I love, so I couldn't resist getting another.

So we have the newpoke on screen left and oldpoke on screen right. Oldpoke is a bit fluffier, the minky fabric used on the newpoke is a bit more matte, if that makes sense. The face on the oldpoke is also more true to the pokedoll art on the tag, which I like. Newpoke has more forehead and more of a blocky headshape. Maybe it's just mine, but it's something I noticed.

Newpoke also has lighter printing on the tush tag, as you can see oldpoke has darker print on its tush tag.

The tags look pretty much the same. Just slight color variations due to printing. Overall I still like the old version better. It looks more like the Pokedoll art, which is something I always like. Both releases are worth owning and are very cute pokes.

well that's all for now, Sorry for so many pics. Hope it put a smile on your face.

I also added a bunch of stuff to my Sales and lowered some prices. Please give those guys a new home. Click the Banner to Check it out!
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