ishtaryasha (ishtaryasha) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Gets gets gets <3

October is being a good month =D my BDay was in september, and I although I was waiting for these packages then, the shipping was a little slower that I desired... but finally all is here <3

Package 1:

Package 2:

Package 1:
The Nintendo Club conmemorative coin! I've been member of Nintendo CLub since I was a child, and was great could catch one of the official Nintendo coins (Nintendo Club closed in September). It's a very big coin, much more bigger than the 2€ one.

One Side:

The other side:

And the second package....
Eevee plushie and pillow!!

A better photo in new sofa (do you like my new sofa =D?)

This is the eevee, his name is Berry =D with his new collar (I was saving the tag for this eevee, but took a time to catch this eevee xD)

Pillow's back side

All in my bed =D the laying eevee is a she, her name is Cherry so... Cherry & Berry now live happily together =D

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