Pokemon Trainer (sing888) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Pokemon Trainer

Flygon Wants

Originally posted by sing888 at Flygon Wants
Hey guys! I was on a few month hiatus and only logged in for 2 times, hopefully i'll be on more :p I still have alot to acquire .-.
Currently collecting mainly Flygon merch and some Raichu so I'm looking for these items if you have any please let me know how much you want for them (: I'll be updating this post with pictures! I can pay via Paypal

Dice with Flygon
Flygon lightpost movie figure thing
Flygon dex figure ( both types)
Flygon attack kid
Flygon dex sticker
Flygon chocoball figure
Flygon and other pokemon card sleeves
~~~~~~~~~Big Wants~~~~~~~
Flygon Clear kid + Clear attack kid
Flygon movie charm Figure
Flygon pan card
Flygon battle eraser
Will offer alot for these!($40-50)
Flygon retsuden stamp YASSS
Flygon bottlecap figure
Flygon shiny kid
Flygon roller stamp
Flygon puchi chara(both colors)
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