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Collection Update!

Hi guys! I finally have some time to post an update of my collection, so here it is :D

My main collection is Tomy MC figures.

Here are all of my Tomy's. There is not enough space in the shelves anymore so I'm deciding if I want to buy another shelf or if I should find another way to display the figures that don't fit in them anymore. also look at that snorlax and wailord on my bed

From generation 1-4 I have at least one figure of each pokemon that Tomy ever made a figure off. There are still some alternative poses, clear/pearly ones and shiny's that I don't have yet.

Some of my latest gets:

Sleeping Chimchar and (clear) sleeping Piplups. I still need a clear sleeping Chimchar and shiny Chimchar.

The clear sleeping Turtwig is one of the newest figures I have. I love it! I still need the normal sleeping Turtwig (so if anyone has one for sale, let me know).

The silver Lugia. Now I need a golden Ho-oh :)

Shiny Rayquaza!

OMG another shiny Rayquaza! A bigger one! Now all I need is the shiny Mega Rayquaza :D

Is that Darkrai what I think it is?

I found this one in a lot that I'd won, but I had no idea it was in there! Lucky find :D

I received this guy a few days ago. I love it and the clear base! I'm not very fond of the colored bases. I prefer clear bases :P

Some figures that I've kept in their package, simply because I have no place to put them. They are amazing, though :D
Also, that Mega Altaria is awesome! It's cloudy wings are a bit pearly and it's so very pretty :D

Here are my plush:

My newest plush are Vulpix, Ninetales, Charizard, Entei Suicune and Raikou. I never had a Pokedoll before and the legendary beasts were dolls that I always wanted to have. I have the Japanese release and I think they are made from minky (they feel very soft). I love them! And they stand on top of my shelf guarding my room :D

And here are my Eevee's and stuff. I also have all of the Kuttari plush, I think they are very cute and can't wait for the third set :D

Well, that's it for now. I hope you like my collection and if you have any advice on displaying any items, you can let me know. I will be posting a sales update soon for the people that are interested :)
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