godmanga (godmanga) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Questions about recent Tomy Ash figure and shipping out things for free.

Hey there everyone. I got two major questions that need to be answered. first of all I've seen a new Ash figure online and need to know are the pokedex and pokeball he hold removable?

My second, more major question is about shipping. I have a few original pokedolls from when the original pokemon center site was up. I'm thinking about maybe giving them away for free someday to the board in the future. what I need to know is there a way to ship them within the US for free? I'd like them to someday go to a good home but don't want any money for them in any way.

Like I said I'm just considering, since I've seen alot of people on the board looking for original pokedolls I have. Although only with butt tags I've kept them extremely clean all these years, first in a double trash bag now in a ziploc space bag with my other poke plushies.
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