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3rd Year Comm Anniversary: Re-intro and Collection Update!

Hey y'all! So today, October 11th, I've been on here for three years! I'm going to re-introduce myself, especially since I've been pretty silent lately, and then show how much my collection has grown! I have about 3/4 of my plush with me in my apartment, and then the remaining plush, and figures, are still at my parents house, so there will be pictures from both places. I'll have the re-intro and collection update under separate cuts so you can ignore the re-intro if you'd like ^^

Hey, y'all! My nickname is Ink, and I'll be 23 in a little over a month! I got back into collecting my sophomore year of college (my best friend, vulpes_canis, got back into collecting a bit before me, and showed me the comm!) and I'm now a first-year grad school student! I got my BA in maritime studies (think archaeology/history of maritime communites) and I'm now working on my MA in history! A&M Galveston is my alma-mater, and now I'm at SFA. I have been into Pokemon since it came to the United States back when I was in around first grade, and while my interest waned a bit after elementary, by the end of high school I was back into it. In addition to Pokemon, I like baking, various crafty things, reading/writing, and various cute and creepy things. I wear lolita and even my "normal" clothes are primarily pastels. As far as music goes, I usually listen to pop, folk, and alternative music, but I kinda dabble. I like Dan Fogelberg, Mary Epworth, Steam Powered Giraffe, Taylor Swift, Lu Han, Z.TAO, EXO, VIXX, B.A.P, SHINee, Red Velvet, Girl's Day, and JJCC. As far as tv shows, I like Bob's Burgers, Sleepy Hollow, Elementary, "It's Okay, That's Love," and "I Remember You" (both of those last two are Korean dramas) I kinda like Supernatural, I liked it a lot in it's early seasons but it's so complicated now that it's hard for me ^^;

Okay, I think that's more than enough... now onto my collection!


This is how my collection looked when I first joined!

I'll start with the plush in my apartment:

This is the overview!

From left to right: Rosie (HQ I Love Eevee) Ayami (Regular I Love Eevee Flareon) Thor (HQ I Love Pikachu Raichu) Kitty (custom 1:1 Caterpie by vulpes_canis) Pumpkin (American Pokemon Center Gourgeist) and Daisy (DX Laying I Love Pikachu)

From left to right: Puddin' (custom Gastly by vulpes_canis) Crowley (Regular I Love Gothic Gengar) Loki (Banpresto UFO Gengar) Urado (custom walky style Gengar by vulpes_canis) Dean (Pokemon Time Ponyta) Cas (US Umbreon Pokedoll) Sammy (custom Pikachu by vulpes_canis) Pumpkin (Keychain I Love Pikachu) Gumdrop (Friend's Poliwag) Ayako (Vulpix Canvas) Yasu (Raichu Pokedoll) Kitty (Friend's Caterpie) Masako (US Flareon Pokedoll) Mai (Keychain I Love Eevee) Chikai (Espurr WANTED)

From left to right: Katniss (Growlithe Canvas) Peeta (Chespin Pokedoll) Finnick (Fennekin Pokedoll) Dwalin (Pokemon Center Tyrunt) Pip (Helioptile Pokedoll) Samwise (Spooky Party Dedenne) Winnie and Pooh Bear (Little Tales Pikachu) Jinki (custom simplified Growlithe by vulpes_canis) LuHan (MPC Deerling) Kris (custom simplified Charmander by vulpes_canis) Tao (Pokemon Center Treeko)

Takigawa (HQ I Love Pikachu) lives on my bed ^^

This is my plush collection still at my parents house:

From left to right: Partridge (TOMY Pikachu) Chika (Jaaks Chikorita) Smile (Banpresto Pikachu) Kitty (Bootleg Mew Pokedoll) Violet (US Fuzzy Tomy Eevee) Javert (Hasbro Poliwhirl) Misuki (Yawarakai Squirtle) Margret (TOMY Flareon)

From left to right: Don (custom Ryhorn by vulpes_canis) Pipsqueak (custom Dedenne by vulpes_canis) Kricket (custom Beedrill by vulpes_canis) Cornelius (custom Rapidash by vulpes_canis) Tulip (Vulpix Egg plush) Basil (custom button-jointed Rattata by xzeeko)

Joseph (Hasbro Pikachu) also lives on my bed

These are all my figures, and a few miscellaneous things I have at home

Not pictured: Flareon Tomy from suzanneespeon

These are my 151 badges...

And these are custom buttons I've gotten at conventions!

These are all custom prints and sketches:

(I drew this one for the Pokemon Shaming meme on Tumblr. If you can't read it it says "I forget that I evolved and I keep trying to headbutt mommy!")

These are the art prints I have in my apartment:

Some of these are cards/sketches by vulpes_canis who is very sweet and draws my birthday cards

Pouches, games, and an Eevee Lollipop charm on my 3DS!

I have some jelly jars from the 90's! I use them as juice glasses now. (I've had these since the 90's but they've never made it into any collection pictures)

Well, now that I've hurt your eyes from all the pictures... thank you so much for reading! As you can see my collection has grown a lot! I've had so much fun on here the past three years, and learned so much. Vulpes_canis and I were actually able to run a panel at a con this past year on Pokemon bootlegs! I never dreamed three years ago I'd know enough about collecting to do that.  
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