January 6th, 2020

ISO: Retsuden stamps

Hello! Currently looking for retsuden stamps of the following Pokemon. If anyone can help me Id greatly appreciate it!

- Mightyena
- Litten
- Minccino
- Zekrom
- Dialga
- Lucario
- Rayquaza
- Giratina
- Mismagius (HOLY GRAIL)

I attached a picture of the stamps of the primary Pokemon I collect that I DO have and since Im not one for duplicates...

Thats it for now! Have a good week!
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Megahouse Detective Pikachu is a LIE!

I was real excited to get this Plush based off how amazing it looked on display here:

Looks amazing right? Perhaps the most movie accurate one! Well here’s the actual product (not my photo)

My personal opinion? A scam. The eyes are too small, face too chubby, the colors aren’t bad, I guess that’s considered more movie accurate, but it’s just a total shame they displayed a COMPLETELY different Pikachu. This is why I never pre order Plushies until I actually see them. In this case, CineHome Detective Pikachu Plush will remain the most movie accurate after the lie of Megahouse.