January 15th, 2020

  • ssjvap

Pin Claims

I just ordered these from the US Pokemon Center, but only need Vaporeon and Jolteon. Everyone else is up for grabs.
I should have these in about a week, payment will be due then. These can be shipped first class in the US for $3.80 (includes all fees) for as many pins as you want. I will ship internationally, but these cannot go as flats. PayPal only. Sales permission granted in March 2015 by areica96.

Better Together Pins $6.70 each

Vaporeon: Ssjvap
Jolteon: ssjvap
Flareon: doryphish333

Eevee Sweet Choices Pins: $5.60 each

Vaporeon: ssjvap
Jolteon: ssjvap
Flareon: doryphish333
Eevee: yoshineko33
Glaceon: yoshineko33
Sylveon: bellestarrmon