January 18th, 2020

Creative and cute ways to display large plushies??

Hey! I am knew to the community and have recently started collecting Poke Dolls (since the rename/rebrand in 2017). I have collected quite a few, as well as have several of the mascots, and two sets of trainer sized starters (SwSH & SuMo starters). Not only that, but I have every single one of the Pokemon Build-A-Bears which are large as well. I want to display them neatly and nicely, so I can see them every day since they make me so happy. Currently, I have them in a pile on the floor which is just an awful place for them. I don't have enough floor space to keep stacking them up and don't like doing so, so I thought of maybe adding some shelves to my 100% vacant walls but shelves always seem like they wouldn't  be wide/deep enough for the larger plushies. Any suggestion?? I can post a picture of them all if needed!