January 21st, 2020

Looking For #GOGO!YELL!! Tote Bag

Long time no see! Just popping by to see if anyone has this Galarian Zigzagoon tote bag they'd be willing to sell. They're sold out on all other sites I could find :(

If not, does anyone know if sites like Sunyshore or JapanStuffs do restocks? I'd really like this bag for school haha.

Photo from japanstuffs
Photo from japanstuffs

Got my Megahouse Detective Pikachu! WOW!

My last post was regarding how the final product of this Plush looked crappy compared to the prototype they Megahouse showed off. I still bit the bullet and spent $300.00 on this Plush, just to see how it looked in person, and well, I must say I am impressed!

I pulled him out of the box, and immediately “Aww’d” and hugged him. I had a really negative opinion on him based on the photos I saw online of him. But I can definitely say this is the best Detective Pikachu Plush on the market. Here he is next to my two Cine Home Detective Pikachus, and my WCT Detective Pikachu:

My personal opinion? The Megahouse Pikachu outshines the others by ALOT. I was convinced the CineHome Pikachu was the best, but it has been dethroned. I’m actually selling a CineHome Pikachu and my WCT Pikachu on eBay, if anyone wants the link message me! I need to make up for how expensive this Pikachu was. Also, LOOK AT HIS BELLY!

He’s such a cutie pie, I really love him. I’m glad I purchased him. Worth $300.00 though? (He was $260 plus tax PLUS $30 shipping)... well, honestly hard to say. I would say he’s worth $200, but $300 is ALOT. But I’m happy with him, it’s all personal preference honestly. Hope you enjoyed my post!