January 29th, 2020

Okajima 3


I am looking to buy the things I have circled (? not really circles...) in this photo. I would like to buy them all from one person to save on shipping. I live in the U.S.

Hey all! Long time no see! Looking for a couple Quags/Woops if anyone has seen them!

Hey there! Long time no see, huh? Been away from this community for a bit but I thought I'd pop back in and see if anyone has some stuff I'm missing, or has seen them. I have a bunch of stuff on my website's Wishlist but unless you have a particularly good price on those, these four items are the only ones I'm seeking right now since finances are a bit tight (I stash away some money for fun stuff so that helps~)

Specifically, I'm looking for these four things: this foam stamp (with or without box), Quagsire Metal Collection figures in Copper and Brass/Dark Gold, and the clear Wooper Tomy bootleg. If anyone has these or has seen them recently in their searches, let me know! Thanks! :)

Custom Wood charms / standees commission - free shipping!

Hello comm! I am opening some custom charms/ standee commissions again :)

Since it's Chinese New Year (just!) I am offering free international shipping to all orders for this post only!

Commissions info!

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And lastly, I think Dragapult is my fav pokemon from swsh (and Eiscue and corviknight coming very close), working on them as personal project, and if you might be interested in art trades feel free to let me know. Thanks :D