February 2nd, 2020

(Tad late) 2019 Pokedoll Poll!

Seems this community has slowed down quite a bit, but for those still with us, it is time for the 2019 Pokedoll Poll!

Sorry it is a tad late! If you're new to the community, this is just a set of questions for those who collect Pokedolls, where they can see how there collection and tastes have changed over the years.

The Pokemon Center seems to have not released many Pokedolls this year sadly. As always, free to suggests any new questions as well, though I feel like I have hit every base possible with them!

Check out your previous poll answers here:
2018 Poll
2017 Poll

(I didn't post a 2016 poll for whatever reason)
2015 Poll
2014 Poll
2013 Poll

Total Pokedolls:
Favorite Pokedoll:
Least favorite Pokedoll:
Picky about hang tags?:
Picky about tush tags?
Rarest in your collection:
Best deal you got on a Pokedoll:
Most you payed for a Pokedoll:
Ever sold a Pokedoll you regret selling?:
Any loved condition Pokedolls?
Any mini or DX Pokedolls?
Do you prefer velboa or minky?
Favorite tag release (red banner, blue/red star, square, newer star w/banner or the most recent "pokemon dolls"):
Most wanted Pokedoll that'd you'd trade your soul for:
How do you feel about re-released Pokedolls?
Pokedoll you want to be re-released?
Old school or newer-aged Pokedolls?
Have more than one of the same Pokedoll?
First Pokedoll:
Most recent Pokedoll:
Which Pokedoll is "underrated" to you?
Any Pokedoll merch? This can include old school Pokedoll merch and newer merch:
Pokedoll merch you wish existed (like Pokedoll themed items):
Do you prefer Japanese or American Pokedolls?:
Own any European Pokedolls?
Any paper tush tag Pokedolls?
Ever bought one yourself at Pokemon Center/Nintendo World/Epcot/kiosk?:
Ever found one at a yard sale/flea market/thrift?
Own a PlushPlush?
Which Pokemon isn't a Pokedoll you wish was?
Any custom Pokedolls? By who?
Favorite official Pokedoll art:
How do you display your Pokedolls?
How do you organize your Pokedolls? (by color, gen, type, etc.)
Are your Pokedolls display only, or will you cuddle them?
Ever brought a Pokedoll with you on your travels? Where?
Ever lost a Pokedoll some how?
Ever recieved a Pokedoll as a gift?
Ever given a Pokedoll as a gift?
Have a website for your Pokedolls?

Post a picture!