February 5th, 2020


New Year Update!

It's been about 10 years since I first joined the community. Time flies!
For those who don't know me (probably most?) I go by May or Mayzi. Most of the merch I have is older and purchased from the old Pokemoncenter website, PCNY, or Nintendo World.
I stopped collecting for a bit; probably when the community started to die down around gen VI.
I've been able to sort of pick it up again, although I mainly am focusing on older merch and Pokemon from generation V and below.

A few months ago I promised a collection update in the new year, so here's my follow through. I can't remember exactly what I had and didn't have for my last update many years ago; so I'll be doing a general overview and covering important recent gets. This post has been compiled over a chunk of time due to grad school and work; and I hope to actually update my collection website soon(tm).

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