February 6th, 2020

I bought a Chinese Zukan set from eBay and the seller never sent it too me, need some help

Title pretty much says it all. I bought the Aggron DS Studios zukan set from seller cosmile_time back March 31 . The item was a pre-order and was supposed to ship later that year. The ship date eventually came and I never got my item (was past the delivery date). I tried contacting the seller and they told me they indeed had 1 set that hadn't shipped yet. They told me they would send it soon and that If I could please cancel my PayPal claim. I did so, but they never shipped it. I tried contacting the seller again but never got any response. After that I got caught in some personal stuff and completely forgot about this purchase until today. Is there any way I can appeal this? I've tried opening a claim with eBay but I think since the order is so old I can't. I'm trying to find any email I can contact eBay before placing a call since I'm outside the US. Any help would be appreciated.