February 11th, 2020

  • knienke

Japan middleman

Gooday fellow collectors!
I've been a member for 10 years now but I've never used a Japanese middleman service. I would like to change that now ^_^
I'm totally new to this. Which middleman would you recommend? I'm looking at Buyee at the moment. Are they any good?
I see they use a Payment fee and a Buyee service fee. Is this how it usually works? So many questions! How would like to help?
tangela, Joey

Looking for Archen Plush!

Hello everyone! I was wondering if anyone was selling, or know where I could find, an Archen Plush by Takara Tomy? I realize these guys are hard to find and don't know the price of them. It doesn't have to be new, just in nice condition.

Thank you for your time!

Pokemon Scale World Johto Set

I just got this in the mail today! I bought it mainly for the Umbreon, but I found I really love the whole set. I might be getting more of this series in the future. They Are really high quality figures, even the tiny ones. I especially like the trainer figure, and that’s not something I usually collect. The only problem is that the clear plastic stands do not work very well, but most of the figures stand just fine without them.

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