February 13th, 2020

  • syminka

Identify help

Hey guys! Looooong time no post! Hope everyone is well.
I have a quick question. My boyfriend brought this back from Japan with him and I dont know what it is. Mainly features Lugia though.Any help would be appreciated. Thank you! I hope I did the images correctly. Apologies if not. I’ll fix them.

Wanted: US Middleman service to purchase Eevee and Friends figure

Hi there, is there anyone in the US that's able to ship towards Canada?
I'm looking for this PC exclusive Funko figure diorama set that consists of both male and female Eevees.

They're slated for release in February 18th from a very short time period between 9-9:30 am PT, so is there anyone that could help out?

Update: Just found someone who wanted to help me out! Thank you for all of your interests!