February 18th, 2020

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Autumn-winter gets

Whoa, this post has been sitting in my drafts since October. I have many items here that I got even before my mirage Garfield Raikou (yes, that's his name, it's official). I was constantly waiting for items that were on their way to me or for a better weather to take photos. Time to post them, or I'll wait forever.
There are some rare items, some more common and three that are (for now) one of a kind!
Lots of photos, lots of talking, enjoy!

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(Sales Permission granted on 26/05/16 by areica96)


I would love to see others' collections! I just pulled out my Ho-Oh collection and set it up the other week! It's cramped in there but I got it all to fit minus the plush XD

Show me your collections set up! I'd love to see them!
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I have a couple of things looking for new homes:
Sales rules:
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20” Large size Detective Pikachu from the US Pokemon Center
More pictures here:
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New WCT Eevee & Aipom
$3 each

$10 Bath Buddie Squirtle 6”

Searching for a west sea shellos/gastrodon zukan

Hello everyone! I've been getting into zukan collecting lately and I've been having trouble locating the west sea (pink) shellos and gastrodon zukan figure from DP07. If anyone has one with its base that they are willing to part with, or can direct me to a listing I may have missed with a reasonable price I would be very grateful! Pic below: 

Box Extras and some small sales

I got some extras from my newest box of kid figures, along with some other sales from stuff I've had laying around recently. I'm not gonna update my sales page yet, so I'll just link the pics under the cut! I'm offering these up to everyone since the legendary dogs were really sought after but I told a lot of people no because I wasn't sure how many I would be getting.

Sorry the pics are bad I don't have good lighting on this side of my room when the sun is down! Sales permission below, sales after.

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Edit: I forgot, I also have an open slot for Allister in my Pokemon Center JP Trainer Plush split. He would be $35, I would be taking payment immediately since he's already paid for, and then ask for shipping at a later date when he is released.

It's evolution time!

Hello, community ^_^

Patience, patience and a little more patience. I have used all my year's patience! This is it! At long last, enough EXP points have been gained and evolution can happen! We are currently having a winter holiday, so schools's out for this week. What a perfect timing. Now then, let's get this correctly. Ahem!

What? Treecko is evolving!

[Sceptile cry!]

Congratulations! Your Treecko evolved into Sceptile!

Words can't describe how happy I am with this! It's absolutely perfect! Let's take a closer look!

So majestic! So magnificent! WOW!

Just look at those details!

Those arms! Those leaves! Superb!

I instructed the artist to pay extra attention to tail and arm leaves. She really did wonderful work!

View from behind. Those seeds are awesome!

Saturn wanted too see his newly evolved friend right away.

"You finally evolved! I'm so happy for you! But... Weren't you supposed to become Grovyle?"
"I was a Grovyle for about a millisecond and immediately evolved again! It was so fast you couldn't see it."
"Oh, ok. But this is kind of sad. You grew so big. Now who am I supposed to take care of? I loved you sitting on my knee :("
"Your knee was very comfortable, I'm going to miss that too. But maybe I can take care of YOU from now on!"
"Sounds good to me! I'm getting so old I need to be taken care of. Say, can you mega evolve? Our trainer possesses a piece of Sceptilite you know..."
"I'm afraid I can't mega evolve. I just went through two evolutions! There's no way I can take it anymore!"

Hawlucha was also very excited to see his new friend. He got a little carried away!

"You evolved! I'm so happy! *sniff"
"There there my friend. It's alright!"
"Now you can't sit on my shoulder anymore :("
"I liked that, I'm gonna miss it too."

There it is! My top favorite Pokémon trio. I've waited so long for this day and now it's reality!

Well, I think that's it. Thanks for looking and sorry to keep you waiting. See you next time ^_^